Becoming part of the Pacific West Development family is easy. If you are interested in being part of our bidding processes on any given project, you must first follow the steps below:

Signing our Master Subcontractor Agreement will give you the ability to work on any project with Pacific West Development. Upon execution of this Master Agreement, please send the following items back to us:

  1. Master Contract: Please print out the PWD LP Master Subcontract Agreement. Signing this agreement will give you the ability to work on any project with Pacific West Development. You must initial all pages and sign on the signature page. The original signed contract must be sent back to Pacific West Development to the address stated below. We will send you an executed copy. (Please make sure to fill in all spaces of the master agreement on the first page). If you should have any questions regarding the Master Agreement, contact us at (951) 240-5230 to discuss, or email us at
  2. W-9: Download and fill out a W-9 form.
  3. Business License: Send in a copy of your business license.
  4. Contractors License: Send in a copy of your Contractors License
  5. Insurances: Send in a copy of your current General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Automobile Certificates with any endorsements attached.
  6. References: Send a list of references of projects and other clients that you have worked with.

Once you have completed all of the above items, send all contract documents to:

Pacific West Development, LP.
Attn: Daniel Dobron
32823 Temecula PKWY, Suite A
Temecula, CA 92592

We look forward to being able to work with your company on many projects in the near future.